What can one expect in first year as a freelance animator?


What can one expect in first year as a freelance animator?

by WorkDeer Team | May 29, 2020
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Career as Freelance Animator

Working as a freelance animator can be a dream because this is the job where one is able to set his own routine while being his own boss. However, there are some rules of freelancing one needs to understand. Freelance animator’s job is usually project driven and you can get plenty of orders from well-established companies in industry. You need to be really good at what you are doing in this field as it has a lot of competition. Initially, you might have to follow hard deadlines to build new relationships. Pace of life might look to be a little slower in start when the number of orders is less, but with the passage of time one realizes that there is a lot to do in this industry. Still, there is strict competition and in such a situation hard work is needed to make a position amongst other competitors.

Challenges Faced by Freelance Animators

A freelance animator has to face numerous challenges at the start of his career that may include understanding of technical issues such as lighting, 3D modeling and texturing. In addition to this, time management, client satisfaction and creation of a good profile may also be required. For this sake one needs to have a problem solving attitude. You need to know at least a bit of everything to deliver something valuable to your client. In other words, you might be expected as a ‘jack of all trades’. Sometimes, informal team work would be needed as a lot of freelancers do. Here expertise is pooled and all needs of the project are met.

Dealing with clients at the start of your career is a tricky job. Client management is an art that a freelance animator has to learn. Initially, it will be hard to create a client base. When someone is new in a field he should not expect work flooding his doorstep. He has to spend a lot of time making clients happier. This may need doing inquiries and advertising your skills at different platforms. If agreed requirements are completed, then chances are that most clients will be happy and will become your returning client.

New freelance animators might come across some copyright issues as well. One might not be aware of the fact that the issue of ownership is confusing. Although, you have created something for your client but once you sell it to someone, it is not yours anymore. This means that a person who has hired you for work has bought your services and your previously copyrighted image belongs to your client.

Work Pattern of Freelance Animators

New freelance animators need to understand that this work is usually contract based and you might have to come across some slow periods. Sometimes, you might have a lot of work when the business is booming and some other times you might be completely out of projects. Expecting something steady as a freelance animator is irrational because clients will approach you as soon as they have work. For slow periods you need to budget you income that you earn so you are able to pay your bills, mortgage and can also maintain a good lifestyle.

Freelancing as an animator can be an attractive job but sometimes you might find yourself out of routine. You are able to avoid 9 to 5 job timings and can even work when you are not feeling well. Still there are drawbacks like lack of stability in work and downtime. But this job can be rewarding, if someone has got good skill and ability to pass a disciplined life.