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Priyanshu kumar

I will do any work in cheap rate.

Hello I will be able to do your with 100 percent accuracy and in cheaper then others....

Elpidio Jr Herrera

2D and 3D Animator/Multimedia Artist/VFX Artist

I am excellent in Indesign Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Audition, Reaper & Pro Tools. Proficient...

Delta Roy

Projects Head

all kind of 3d , VFX  projects done here

Sabaribalaji Harishankar

CG Lighting and Compositing

13 yrs experience in CGI feature films and TV series.Strong knowledge in Lighting, Look development, Optimisation and...

Anil Mallah

VFX Professional

We do all kinds of vfx work. Mostly Prep / Paint, Roto, Illustration work, Matte painting, Digital...

Chandraprabh Shah

3D Modeler, 3D Game Scene Modeling, Environment Artist, Lighting Artist

I am the best for Inorganic Modeling.Specially 3D Game Scene, 3d Walkthrough, Environment Creation.  https://www.artstation.com/chandraprabh94

Movies today are heavily dependent on VFX and the technology has become indispensable to filmmaking, so much so that there is hardly and film that does not use VFX. Some of the biggest blockbusters in film history such as Bahubali, 2.0, Titanic, Lord of the Rings, Avengers, and Inception used VFX extensively. More filmmakers are taking to VFX in a big way as they realize the huge benefits of this magical technology. Top VFX studios regularly recruit VFX artists to augment their teams and support growing production needs triggered by new films, TV series, TV commercials, and other projects. Every VFX artist who enjoys proven experience is in high demand in the job market and studios are attaching a premium to experienced talent.

Scores of VFX studios around the world, most of them concentrated in Canada, USA, UK, and across the APAC region are working on multiple films while expediting work to complete ongoing projects and onboard new ones. Many of these top rung studios diligently keep pace with new trends and update their skills to deliver the highest quality standards, add value to their projects and churn out work that meets the director’s vision. Much of the work from new projects are going to the freelance VFX artist who shares the workload and helps studios meet stringent project deadlines.

Emerging technologies such as motion capture and XR are helping promote greater possibilities for filmmakers while driving demand for VFX artist jobs. VFX as a discipline is evolving rapidly as auteurs stretch the limits of the technology while audiences across the globe sit back and enjoy more engaging visual experiences.



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