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Chenna Kesava Kumar Bonu

Senior 3D Animator

I have…. 10+ years of experience as an Animator from well known Companies in the Industry. Ability...

Raj Kumar Ankur Srivastava

3d & Graphic Visualizer

There is a demonstrated history of working in the graphic design industry. I am a highly positive person as...

Tahin S

Photography & Editing

can handle and manage the camera work

Nayan Mishra

3D lighting and compositing artist

Hello,  My name is nayan mishra I’m professional 3D artist with the skills of 3D lighting and...

paritosh kumawat

Sr. Animator/Supervisor

15+ years of Feature/DVD/TV/Live Action/Gaming Animation Experience. 6+Years experience as a Supervisor/Team Lead Classically trained Animator with...

UI Design (User Interface Design) and UX Design (User Experience Design) are interdependent, forming a collaborative and continuous process aimed at creating and maintaining the user interface of digital products including websites and mobile apps in such a way that it is easy, fast, user-friendly, and enjoyable for the end-user to interact with them. UI/UX developers apply their knowledge about human interaction and visual design principles to build intuitive interface elements (menus, tabs, widgets…) weave a seamless user experience, and enhance it continuously. Collaborating with the web designer and back-end teams, the UI/UX developer uses code as well as a variety of design tools to achieve the ‘responsive design’ goals. In addition to these goals, the UX developer works with the UI developer to create attractive designs, focusing on aesthetics to ensure that the interface is clutter-free and pleasing to the eye.

UI/UX developers are required to have an understanding of human psychology, the ability to create personas through user research/data, a skill for developing wireframes and prototypes around customer needs, and a knack for finding creative ways to solve user experience problems. Their job also includes conducting usability testing, gathering feedback, defining the right interaction model, and evaluating its success. They work closely with the online web developer to achieve other goals set by the client/web design lead.

UI/UX skills are vital to every business because they want to reach out to more prospective customers and ensure that their products/services appeal to them. And the best way to achieve this goal in an increasingly online world is to ensure that their websites or apps that are gateways to prospective customers are highly user-friendly. This is why the number of UI developer jobs and UX developer jobs are growing every day even as experienced talent command higher salaries.



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